Speed up your digital training!
89% of companies use video learning for distance training

Accelerate your video learning strategy with Momindum

Improve your digital learning strategy.

Become the king of training using video!

  • Create learning videos quickly and make your training plans more flexible.
  • Accelerate the development of your employees' skills with powerful learning videos.
  • Set up personalized training programs that are adapted to your learners.
  • Increase the return on investment of your virtual classes using video.

Video learning, enrichment, and replays: plusses for you as training specialists!


Encourage memory anchoring.

Make sure your learners retain as much information as possible.

  • Give your employees access to information when they really need it.
  • Insert quizzes at key moments in your videos to reinforce your learners' memorization.
  • Create a link between your different content by inserting the “Call to Action” feature in your videos (technical data sheet, market study...). This way, learners can deepen their knowledge by accessing additional useful resources.

Multiply by 2 the impact of your training videos.

The time spent on an enriched video is multiplied by 2.

  • Quickly chapter your videos and allow faster access to information. Your learners understand the structure of your video and get a better experience.
  • Automatically subtitle your videos to increase their visibility, internationalize your content and facilitate access for the deaf and hard of hearing.
  • Increase the impact of your virtual classes by generating an enriched replay.

Create learning videos at a lower cost.

Flexibility, efficiency, productivity, profitability: Make your own videos.

  • Zero post-production, zero technical skills, thanks to Maker, create powerful learning videos automatically.
  • Enhance your PowerPoint presentations by automatically transforming them into effective video presentations.
  • Use new tools rapidly by creating interactive video tutorials without technical skills.
  • Train your teams to use the best business practices by self-producing inexpensive learning videos.
  • Optimize your training budget by increasing the ROI of all your videos.

Deliver an effective and engaging learning experience.

Unleash the learning capabilities of learning in your trainees!

  • Centralize all your content on a WebTV. Break down silos by giving your employees access to all of the company's knowledge.
  • Filter and classify your learning videos by topic and encourage your employees to self-train to increase their skills in just a few clicks.
  • Offer direct and unlimited access to relevant information thanks to a powerful search engine. Your teams find the information they need at the right time and benefit from an excellent user experience.

Analyze the real impact of your training.

Increase the return on investment of your digital learning strategy.

  • Share your video content in your LMS platform to monitor your learners' results.
  • Thanks to advanced statistics, analyze who saw what, which part, and for how long. Analyze the relevance of your content.
  • Ensure that your employees' skills are improving.
  • Promote adaptive learning: create ultra-targeted courses based on the behavior and content consulted by your learners and their behavior.

We have the solution you need!

A customized package to create learning videos and accelerate your digital strategy.

  • A Cloud platform to centralize all your content.
  • A WebTV integrated to your website.
  • A unique software to create and enrich attractive video content.
  • Access to the statistics of your videos to assess their impact.