Video platform :
Manage all your professional videos

Import all your videos

Quickly upload all your videos onto the Momindum Cloud. Momindum is compatible with all your capture tools and manages all your video and sound formats (mp4, wmv, fly, moy, mp3…).

Do not worry about anything anymore, Momindum takes care of all the technical aspects so that your videos are readable no matter when and where, and obviously in a way they are completely transparent to your users.

Quick editing and update
for your videos

Increase the visibility of your videos incorporating a title, a description, a speaker, a thumbnail, metadata, the display into a WebTV…
Your video update is one click away without modifying the sharing link. Your teams always have access to the latest version of the video and never end up onto pages that no longer exist.

Choose a theme made with Momindum in order to personalize your video.
Select the interface language, add several transcriptions (English, Spanish, German ...) on the same video. Manage several subtitling in order to internationalize the content. This will also allow deaf people and hearing impaired to follow the presentation in the best possible conditions.

« DAM » video:
administrate your videos

The Momindum Cloud completes perfectly the “DAM: Data Asset Management” as for the broadcasting part of the videos. Webhost and manage all your videos in a secured way. Incorporate metadata on them to sort them out and filter them efficiently. Classify them by categories, jobs, location, companies… Archive them in a smart way and find them in one click.

Advanced research: find the right video in a flash

Quickly access your videos to edit or share them thanks to a powerful search engine. Look into the video titles but also into all the indexed elements (plan, keywords, subtitles, documents, metadata…) Then filter your results by dates or categories to slim your search.

Hierarchization of your administrators to compartmentalize your video managing

Create and manage as many administrators as you wish. Hierarchize them to control the broadcast videos more efficiently. Also manage their level of duty with a few clicks. Thus, centralize all your videos while compartmentalising them by services, companies or jobs in order to avoid leaks of information or undesired deletions.

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Share your enterprise videos where your collaborators work

In order to increase the visibility of your videos and improve your collaborators’ user experience, share them directly where they are used to working. Get the share link back from your videos and broadcast them on the platform of your choice:

  • Web link to share by email, text message or a company social network.
  • “Share It” button specific to your company social network (Yammer, Jive), to share your videos directly into your work groups.
  • Embed code or lightbox code to integrate the video on a webpage or intranet.
  • SCORM / AICC package to your training platform (LMS)

Public / private? Manage your videos confidentiality easily

Some videos are intended to your collaborators or partners only and must be secured. Some other are for your clients and must be public then (secured or not with a password). Define the security rules to establish with Momindum (SSO, Referrer, IP filtering). Then, simply indicate for each video if it must be private, public, secured with a simple password, etc.

API: integrate your videos into your work platform

Integrate all or some of our solution directly into your collaborators’ workspace. Thanks to our API, create connectors to display the videos onto the platform(s) of your choice. Thus, make it an easy experience for your collaborators.
Know more about API's

WebTV portal or internal “YouTube”

You wish to benefit from a WebTV ready for use?It's here !Or even a corporate « YouTube » ? Click here !

You have several targets (clients, partners, collaborators…) and you wish to have several WebTVs? It’s as easy as pie; connect one or more WebTV with your Momindum Cloud account. Then display the videos onto the WebTV(s) of your choice.

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Communicate in live streaming with all your teams!

Crisis communication?
New products launching?
Important conferences?
President wishes?

Momindum offers a unique solution to live
broadcast your events to all your teams!

How does it work?

Capture your event

Capture your event from a visioconference solution, a specific software such as Adobe Live Media Encoder, a specific captation box or thanks to a specialised video agency.

Communicate the link of your event

Retrieve the Momindum weblink and communicate it to all your teams. Share it by email, on your company social network, on your website or intranet.

Benefit from a unique user experience

Have complete peace of mind: everyone will watch your event! Benefit from a high-class streaming infrastructure to offer a unique user experience to your teams. They will watch the event from all browsers and devices.
Broadcast the event to an infinite number of audiences without impacting your company network thanks to a Peer to Peer system offered by Momindum.

Analyze the impact of the event

View, in real time, how many people are connected with your event to measure its impact.

Know more about analyze

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Advanced statistics:
Measure your return on investment

Benefit from detailed statistics and analyze the performance of your company videos

Analyze which specific moments from your video have been watched thanks to the audience curve and the number of views by chapter. Thus, you will understand if your video is relevant for your audience or if they are interested in a particular moment. In this case, realize additional videos to deal with the subject in depth afterwards.

  • See the total number of views in seconds.
  • Follow the evolution of videos in terms of viewing time and viewer retention.
  • Analyze the level of engagement of your listeners and understand which videos are performing the best.
  • Find out which videos are the most viewed.
  • Easily measure your return on investment.

Quickly understand if your video is relevant to your listeners or if a particular passage interests them.

Analyze the behavior of your users on your corporate videos

Also view detailed statistics for each user

  • Who saw which video and when
  • See if you have reached your audience successfully or not.
  • Communicate in a more personalized way to listeners for your sales follow-up
  • Encourage those who have viewed your video to watch additional content.

In this case, make videos to deepen the subject. Thanks to these tools, better analyze the impact of your video presentations on your employees and create content that is always more relevant to them. Thus increase the performance of the company.

Discover all the features of our Momindum Cloud video platform now!
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A unique platform to handle your professional videos

Momindum Cloud is a powerful “Video Content Management System” (Video CMS). Thanks to this platform, you manage all your enterprise videos efficiently.

aperçu de la webapp d'administration

Video management

Import, edit, manage your videos efficiently.

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Share and upload

Share and upload your videos into your platforms easily.

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Live broadcasting

Crisis communication? Products launching? Conferences? Communicate on live with all your teams!

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Analyze and calculate your ROI

Benefit from advanced statistics to analyze your results and measure your return on investment. Lear more.

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