Who we are

Momindum is a software publisher with unique solutions for recording, editing, and sharing video presentations.

Momindum's tools allow universities and businesses to:

  • Promote their products, services, and knowledge
  • Communicate with clients, partners, and shareholders
  • Train and motivate employees
  • Capitalize on expertise for maximum impact

Our solutions are intuitive, inexpensive, and easy to use.

Our story

Momindum was created in 2007 to help businesses and educational institutions preserve and distribute their knowledge. Today, organizations all over the world use our patented technology.


We work hard everyday to make sure that businesses can do the most important thing to stay competitive on the market—share information globally, fast. Our software solutions liberate companies from costly, complicated communication methods to save them time and money.

With just a computer, Momindum helps you capture, edit, and share your ideas, lessons, proposals, and sales pitches with whoever you want. Stakeholders are connected like never before with 24/7 unlimited access to a professional online library of company or professor expertise. Equipped with knowledge, employees and students are prepared to achieve company objectives and academic success. 


We provide a powerful video platform for the easy retrieval, distribution, and sharing of information. We want to help companies and individuals grow by transforming they way they communicate.