Who are we?

Momindum, an Enghouse Company, software editor, has a unique solution to record, broadcast and share video presentations.

Momindum tools allow companies to:

  • Promote their products, services, solutions.
  • Inform their clients, partners, shareholders.
  • Train and motivate their employees.
  • Capitalize knowledge and strengthen sharing.


The Momindum company was created in 2006 to support companies and education institutions regarding knowledge management and training. Our technology has been developed for many months of research by our technicians and is now patented in Europe.

About Enghouse

Enghouse Systems Ltd. is a Canadian publicly traded company (TSX:ENGH), which provides enterprise software solutions focusing on remote work, visual computing and communications for next-generation software-defined networks. The Company's two-pronged growth strategy focuses on internal growth and acquisitions, which to date have been funded through operating cash flows. Further information about Enghouse may be obtained from the Company's website.


An efficient communication, a quick sharing of the information and a global transfer of knowledge are the main company problematics nowadays. Indeed, they represent a crucial stake to implant into a market and stand out from competition. The transmission of knowledge is currently done thanks to training and communication classroom operations which are repetitive, expensive and hard to set. That is why Momindum offers a powerful solution to broadcast video presentations upon request and offers an illimited access to created contents. Imagine a company “YouTube” which would gather all the knowledge of your company and allow to find what you look for instantly. Therefore, you strongly increase users’ efficiency in a work situation thanks to our advanced search system.

With a regular computer, it is now possible to capture, enrich and share with your employees, coworkers, partners or clients all your presentations. This way, Momindum wishes to strengthen interactivity between users and contributors.

This vision lies in the perspective of a transfer and capitalization solution of knowledge, necessary to all companies and colleges that have a large volume of information or videos to broadcast.


Momindum commits to develop innovative software solutions to help companies convert knowledge, expertise and employees’ ideas into true assets. We provide a powerful and cheaper video platform to favour information research, broadcasting and sharing. Thus, we help organisations develop a sustainable development policy changing the way they communicate and transfer knowledge.


Momindum is supported by two investment funds: Starquest and Inocap.

About Starquest Capital

Created in 2008, Starquest is an investment funds (ISF TEPA) taking part in the capital of rich technology content companies, between 200K€ and 1.5M€. Today, the funds support and accompanies 95 businessmen in the development of their company, with 80M€ under management.

Starquest has become in a few years the second operator of this field in France, with over 30 capital investments a year. Starquest defines itself as “capital businessmen” whose vocation is to help managers speed their growth up noticeably bringing them a high level of added value beyond the invested funds.

Learn more: http://www.starquest-capital.com/

About Inocap

INOCAP is an independent Portfolio Management Company recognised by French Financial Market Authority since 2007. INOCAP is a specialist regarding investments into French SMEs and Mittelstands thanks to a range of SCMC (Mutual funds, mutual funds into innovation, Proximity investment funds) and handle 200M€ on behalf of 12 000 customers.