Global Enterprise video solutions

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Your video partner for your digital transformation

Strengthen your marketing and sales team efficiency

Easily share new products, new sales techniques and your competitive surveys with attractive contents.

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Boost your communication

Share and capitalize your events online. Expand and retain your audience thanks to interactive video presentations.

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Improve your training programs

Enhance your training programs efficiency thanks to attractive video contents. Facilitate sharing of knowledge to improve everyone’s performance.

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Turnkey online solutions

Capture your speech

Create simple videos or directly synchronize media with PowerPoint presentations.

Enrich it

Add transcripts, keywords and documents to improve your speech.

Inform your Network

Broadcast directly on your Salesforce platform or CMS / LMS / ESN  (Sharepoint, Jive, etc)

Leading technologies

Secured servers

Our clients benefit from Akamai ESSL platform. It is certified PCI compliant, allowing bank details transmission, and HIPAA which is the norm in data dissemination within medical field.

Adaptive bitrate

This streaming technology adapts your video quality depending on your bandwidth in order to guaranty the best quality possible.


Momindum uses enterprise protocol peer-to-peer to decentralize content video distribution, in order to improve their loading quality while diminishing the network’s load of our clients.

Responsive design

Our video presentations fit all your terminals, from large screen computers or tablet to smartphone.

A driver of growth for our clients

« The simple and powerful change support »
« How to transmit the same level of information to the staff? MyCorpTV is the solution ! »
« We have considerably expanded our conferences audience reinforcing their impacts and uniforming the message worldwide. »
« Momindum's tools let us improve our training programs conserving and broadcasting our experts voices. »

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