Improve your Agents' performance!

Videos are easily understood by your clients and employees. Save time and reduce phone calls duration by 10-20%!

How can agents perform better in every customer interaction?

Provide up-to-date products information

  • Create automatically enhanced videos about your offers/policy changes/ fast evolving portfolios.
  • Capture videos faster with Momindum Maker: Capture videos from PowerPoint & Google Slides, capture video tutorial Screencast, generate automatic subtitles/chapters and video editing.
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Handle larger Portfolio with the same number of calls with fewer agents

  • Agents find the video passage and the slides needed to respond to the query instantly.
  • Videos are efficient to understand a product, One minute video = 1,8M words (Forrester Research).
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction by providing single point and wholesome interaction, reduce call forwards to experts, and reduce number of agents by 10-20%.
  • Let Agents find easily information they need with video classification; Filter. Sort them out by category, display the latest videos, the most seen, the best rated…
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Agents securely access anywhere and anytime to contents

  • Momindum manages hosting & streaming (cloud). Secured videos accessible from all devices, complete freedom from location.
  • Agents work remote and hybrid. They need to have access to videos anytime and anywhere securely, so they are secured by SSO.
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Break the silos & Increase Agents effectivenes

  • Set up a WebTV to break the silos, centralize your videos in working agent environment.
  • Product videos are accessible live and instantly during calls
  • Agents find immediately information needed on all your products.
  • Stay in your environment: Integrated in Inbound / Outbound Contact Centers, LMS, CRM

Customer Video Self-Service Portal: Reduce number of calls

  • Videos are easily understood compared to Complex text or verbal instructions. Easily enrich FAQ site with video content thanks to a powerful video capture tool.
    Click here to learn more about Momindum Maker.
  • Deploy a self-service video WebTV on your website to make customers knowledgeable on your products & services. You will reduce number of after-sales calls & products returns with pre-sales video.
share video in email with the momindum plugin for chrome

Have Faster resolution case & Higher Satisfaction

  • Reduce call duration and increase customer satisfaction: Complex explanations take time. Pushing videos via email & chat save agents’ time, provide answers to customers quicker. Identify customer issue and easily send videos to customers instead of a long conversation.
  • Embed your videos in your emails with one click thanks to a Chrome plug-In. Stay in your working environment
  • Ability to individually track customers or prospects views of all videos sent. Support agents know the consultation historic. They know what videos were watched and can provide a different solution. Thus, it will save time for both agents and customer.
  • Prioritize the most interested contact for the Outbound: Call the one who watch several videos for several minutes.
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Analyze you ROI & improve your Business Outcomes

  • Analyze which videos resonate and improve outcomes.
  • Improve Agents’ performance and promote upskilling: Analyze what Agents watched, how long, which parts… and invite employees to watch more videos.
  • Analyze the level of engagement of your listeners and understand which videos are performing the best.

A ‘’Turnkey’’ package for your agents!

  • Momindum Cloud platform to manage and administrate all video assets.
  • Momindum Maker: create quickly interactive videos. Capture & Enrich automatically your videos.
  • Momindum TV: Centralize & Facilitate access to relevant information with a WebTV and a powerful search engine.
  • Hosting and Streaming, secured videos for remote and hybrid work.
  • Share video internally or externally (for individual email) with share options and Momindum Chrome Plug-in.