Streaming broadcasting: your company videos everywhere, always, without loading!

Momindum manages all your webhosting and video broadcasting issues. Thanks to a strategic partnership with Akamai, Momindum offers you the best cloud video hosting solution on the market.

Compatibility guaranteed: automatic re-encoding of your videos

Do not worry about the format of your video file anymore, Momindum takes care of everything. Using powerful encoders from Akamai, Momindum turns all video and sound files into mp4 format to make sure they are visible on all devices (smartphones, tablets, computers…).

Access to company videos everywhere, always

Have access to information everywhere, always, on any device. Today your collaborators are regularly on a professional trip or teleworking. It is essential they can always access information everywhere.
Momindum offers a solution totally Responsive Design and a universal video player that adjusts itself depending on your browser or support (Flash or HTML 5). Therefore, your videos are readable on your smartphones, tablets, computers and all your browsers (Internet Explorer 11+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari…).

Flow: stop to endless loading times

Momindum encodes your video in 5 different qualities so that your audience benefit from adaptive technology streaming. Thanks to this technique, Momindum analyzes, in real time, your audience bandwidth to adjust the quality of the video cleverly. If your audience have a good internet connection, they can watch the video in HD. Otherwise, they will watch it in an inferior quality to avoid a too long loading or to prevent the video from trembling. Thus, the audience benefit from a unique user experience. No matter the quality of their internet connection, they watch the video without untimely loading times.

QOS: 100% of availability within your videos

Momindum offers an exceptional Quality Of Service. The rate of availability of your video is 100%. Keep calm, you will always be able to watch your videos!

Performance: broadcasting optimized on a global level

You have teams all over the world and some countries have a limited internet connection? We use CDN (Content Delivery Network) and Akamai’s infrastructure which is perfectly optimized so that your collaborators benefit from an excellent user experience, regardless of the country.

Enterprises videos: Why and how extend to the Cloud?
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Peer to Peer: do not saturate your company network!

If many collaborators watch a video at the same time, your company network might be much slower.

What is Peer to Peer?

Peer to Peer is a technology that allows several computers to share videos without travelling through your internet router. Thus, broadcast your content to an illimited number of users on your local network at the same time. This technology is particularly interesting in case of Live broadcasting.
This solution works on all recent browsers and does not require to download any additional app.

You can try it on our partner’s website.

Enterprises videos: Why and how extend to the Cloud?
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Have the confidence to talk,
your company videos are secured!

Some of your videos are meant to your collaborators only and must be secured then. Some other contents are meant to your clients and must be public (secured or not with a password). Therefore, you must define the level of security required for each video.

A high security video solution already audited

Momindum offers a highly secured solution that adjusts to your needs. Already used by many large groups in the bank, aeronautics or telecommunication fields, Momindum has already been audited with success.

Security rules interfaced with your systems already in place

Secure your video with your SSO. Your identified collaborators only will have access to your videos. Secure your video with a Referrer system and/or IP filtering as well.

Redundancy of servers and remote backup for videos and data

All your company videos are saved several times on different servers. In case of breakdown, fire or other disasters, your videos will always be available and saved.


Webhosting in Continental Europe for a worldwide broadcasting

Momindum videos are webhosted in France and Germany only. However, thanks to Akamai CDN, the broadcasting is optimised all over the world.

Secured video flows

In order to have even more secured contents, videos are trimmed into several files in a few seconds only and secured by a security token valid for a short period of time. You can choose to broadcast your videos in HTTPS as well. Thus, the video files are crypted.

Akamai security

Our clients benefit from the Akamai secured platform ESSL. It is certified PCI Compliant, allowing to transit bank data as well as HIPAA which is the data broadcast norm in the medical field.

Enterprises videos: Why and how extend to the Cloud?
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Integrate a powerful video Content
Management into your company platforms

Easily embed powerful and secure video technology into your SAAS application platforms.

Developers and integrators,
thanks to our API, use connectors to display your professional videos into the platform(s) of your choice. Thus, improve your colleagues’ user experience who retrieve their videos where they are used to working. Thus, increase visibility and impact of your company videos.

Integrate your own WebTV in the platform (s) of your choice / Whether it is your corporate social network, intranet site, website or even in your Content Management System.

All our online app functionalities are developed above our APIs, you can therefore develop them as you like wish to integrate them into your own environments.

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Benefit from simple APIs and Premium support for your developments

Discover our complete API library now and get premium support
to quickly integrate our secure video solution into your different platforms. 
Discover our API library

Or you can contact us for more information
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What can you integrate or redevelop thanks to our API?


Momindum offers many micro services to allow you to develop and integrate video efficiently in your different platforms.

  • A Search engine
  • Video management
  • Video uploads
  • Statistics
  • All the functionalities of our "Youtube" like and our Webtv
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Into what platforms can Momindum integrate?


Everything is possible !
You can develop your own connectors to integrate our video solution in your corporate social network, Content Management System, intranet site, website and more.




  • logo jive
  • logo yammer
  • logo Workplace

Improve communication and expertise sharing in your corporate social network: Jive, Yammer, Workplace...


  • logo sap
  • logo cornerstone
  • logo xperteam
  • logo Syfadis

Reinforce the impact of your trainings by integrating video in your LMS platform: Cornerstone, Syfadis, SAP, Xperteam...


  • logo WordPress
  • logo joomla
  • logo sharepoint

Facilitate video sharing in your CMS: Sharepoint, Wordpress, Joomla...

Marketing Automation

  • logo Marketo
  • logo plezi
  • logo pardot
  • logo HubSpot

Create ever more effective marketing campaigns. Leverage the power of video in your marketing strategy by integrating it into your Marketing Automation platform: Hubspot, Plezi, Marketo, Pardot...

Enterprises videos: Why and how extend to the Cloud?
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Streaming broadcasting and security:
benefit from the best technologies

Offer your viewers a unique user experience
while guaranteeing a high level of security.

Hosting and broadcasting

Video encoding, adaptive streaming, optimized worldwide broadcasting, mobility… Momindum offers you an exceptional quality of service.

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Peer to Peer

Broadcast all your videos in Live streaming or On demand without impacting your enterprise network thanks to Momindum.

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Some videos are intended to your collaborators only and therefore must be secured. This is the reason why Momindum offers you a high-secured solution.

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Make the user experience easier for your collaborators by uploading your videos directly into the platform where they are used to working.

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Enterprises videos: Why and how extend to the Cloud?
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