Get your inbound marketing strategy off the ground!

Increase your qualified leads by 66% (Aberdeen Group) with video!

Be the real master of your videos, generate leads from your site.

Go further than Youtube!
Use your content effectively to achieve your Inbound Marketing goals!

Highlight your content and accelerate your sales process. Put video at the heart of your strategy!

A video is 267% (Moz) more effective than other types of content. Take this opportunity to increase your ROI.

Generate 5 times more leads with your videos.

Add value to your content and increase your ROI.

  • Insert blocking forms at the right time in your high added-value content.
  • Make your webinars profitable by creating effective VODs.
  • Encourage your audience to watch more videos with call-to-actions and associated videos.
  • Collect contact information from your prospects.

Increase natural traffic to your website by 157%. (WordStream, 2018)

Centralize all of your videos on your website to improve your SEO

  • Boost your SEO: your videos' subtitles, tags, and shots are indexed by Google.
  • Highlight and revive your existing content.
  • Enhance your brand and your website

Turn your prospects into qualified leads.

Give your salespeople highly qualified leads

  • Assign a score, based on the time spent on the videos and each form submitted. The higher the score, the hotter the lead.
  • Analyze where your lead is in the lead nurturing process: discovery, evaluation, purchase.

A precise Dashboard to analyze your ROI.

  • Analyze the video statistics: number of views, duration of consultation. Which part was the most watched? Who saw what?
  • Audience analysis: number of forms submitted, number of leads generated, maturity of your leads.
  • With the Momindum package invest only in qualified leads.

Increase your audience's commitment.

Easily make your videos engaging and interactive.

  • Caption and add documents and CTAs to your videos to increase viewer engagement.
  • Make your videos easy to access with automatic subtitles.
  • Reduce bounce rate and increase time spent on your site with a smart video associate system.

Your video blog: a reference showcase.

  • Establish yourself as an expert in your sector by sharing videos on your WebTV on the themes that interest your listeners.
  • Make your users your best ambassadors thanks to the sharing features.
  • Facilitate access to information with a powerful keyword search engine.
  • Make your webinar recordings durable and efficient.

A "Turnkey" package made by Momindum!

Be efficient quickly with this tailor-made package :

  • A WEBTV integrated to your website
  • A unique solution to reinforce the impact of your videos: chapters, subtitles, forms, CTA.
  • Advanced statistics to analyze the impact of your videos.
  • High-end hosting and streaming.

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