Boost the performance of your sales teams with video!

Use video as your secret weapon!
Give your salespeople the key to exceed their objectives.

Satisfy increasingly demanding customers.

More than 80% of buyers are frustrated by salespeople who do not respond properly to their needs. (The buyer persona institute)

Salespeople must be prepared and trained to perform in every customer interaction.

Experienced buyers of today have no time salespeople who don't add value.

When your information is scattered, your salespeople go from PDFs, to PowerPoints, to your LMS platform (when they go there!) resulting in wasted time and decreased productivity...

Momindum has the solution you need to centralize your content!

Are your salespeople ready?

  • To approach new clients effectively with a perfect sales pitch?
  • To talk about the benefits of your products during meetings with prospects?
  • To answer questions and objections while moving the negotiation forward?
  • To acquire skills necessary to take on board the right pitch?
  • Follow good sales practices (sales posture)

Momindum allows your sales representatives to be 100% ready at all times and to reach a whole new level of customer satisfaction

Fast and effective onboarding.

On average, new salespeople spend 10 weeks in training and only become productive after 11 months. (Source: Sales management association, SMA)

With our solution, train your new salespeople as soon as they join the company and get the whole team to adopt new methods and tools quickly!

Give them access to all the knowledge they need to be successful and achieve their goals.

They won't ever fail a customer meeting again.

Whether they are on the road, in the office or even between meetings, your sales representatives can train on video from their favorite work tool, no need to leave the CRM.

They can prepare for their meetings efficiently and deliver the right message to customers at the right time.

Your salespeople watch marketing videos, review their speeches and download PowerPoint presentations or slides. This way, every meeting is a success.

They will handle 100% of the objections.

Every salesperson spends 30 hours a month searching for and making their own presentations (source: Jeff Ernst, The New Rules of Sales Enablement)

No more lost documents, lost files, and lack of coordination with the marketing team! Your salespeople will find the right arguments in your CRM in one click and learn how to make the most of them to hit the bull's eye every time. This way, all your salespeople are always ready to answer objections!

Thanks to a powerful search engine, they can immediately find the video passage and the slides they need to respond to the objection. Sort and filter videos: display the most recent, the most viewed, the highest rated... and sort them by category (Sales techniques training, product presentations, best practices, etc. ...)

Create engaging training videos for your salespeople.

Turn your PowerPoint into interactive videos.

Match the right speech to the slides.

Boost the impact of your videos.

Add subtitles, documents and links to your presentations.

Engage your salespeople.

Add quizzes to your videos.

Engage your prospects and increase your open rate

Sell virtually

Insert videos in your emails, offer a unique and personalized experience, and get 3 times more engagement. Engage more prospects, create more opportunities and close more deals.

Analyze the impact of your corporate videos and the performance of your salespeople

  • Correlate the evolution of your sales by product with the training videos taken by your salespeople
  • Track salesperson engagement in your training videos and their performance
  • Analyze your pipeline, revenue generation and correlate this data with the detailed statistics of your corporate videos.
  • Highlight your best training videos and encourage your sales reps to watch them to improve their skills.
  • Find out which salesperson saw which video, where, when and on which medium.
  • Simply measure your return on investment.

A WebTV integrated with your favorite tools