Your company WebTV

Momindum TV is a professional WebTV to centralize your videos and therefore offer your teams a quick and simple access to information.

A personalized company WebTV

Offer your collaborators a personalized and ergonomic platform reflecting your image and gathering all your company videos.

aperçu de la personnalisation de la page d'accueil

Smart search:

In videos

Thanks to a powerful search engine, your audience spare time in work situation. They have direct access to the specific moments of the video they are interested in. Indeed, the search is done inside the videos: in the subtitles, the chapters, the keywords, the indexed documents to find the desired moment. Learn more about the enrichment of videos.
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In slides

Quickly retrieve all the slides synchronized in your videos. Your collaborators are therefore more efficient in a work situation as they have access to the slides needed at the right time. They view the moment of the video corresponding to the slide to understand the speech associated and retrieve the image to integrate it into their presentation.

screen recherche par présentation
screen recherche par diapositive

Associated videos

Browse from one video to another easily. Thanks to “associated videos”, audience quickly view similar videos having identical keywords or title. They increase their knowledge with a few clicks and are therefore more efficient in their job.

Centralized administration

Retain control on shared videos: centralize the publication of videos for a limited number of administrators having a Momindum Cloud account. You identify and restrict the number of content creators easily.

Video classification

Filter and sort videos out: offer your audience a quick and simple access to the videos they need. Sort them out by category, display the latest videos, the most seen, the best rated…

Integration into your work platform

Integrate the administration Momindum Cloud platform, the WebTV, the search engine, directly into your platforms: company social networks, Intranet, LMS… Thus, administrate and share videos where your collaborators are used to working. Improve the user experience and increase your videos number of views.

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