Boost your internal communication using video

"Internal communication must involve, motivate, inspire teams to go higher, further."
Viktoria Tegard of Virgin Atlantic

100% of your employees will understand your strategy!

According to a Forrester Research study, employees are 75% more likely to watch a video than read a written document.

  • Reach all your teams simultaneously. Organize interactive live sessions so that every employee has the same information at the same time. Your employees ask all their questions live about your strategy. This promotes proximity between your top management and your teams.
  • Improve the transfer of information in record time thanks to intuitive and punchy content.
  • Multiply by 5 the impact of your webconferences or events, thanks to the generated replay. No stress and no technical skills needed! Employees who were unable to see an important event live can quickly access the replay.

"Communication is understanding the listener"
Jean Abraham

Deliver powerful messages that are understood by everyone

Add value to your content and increase your ROI.

  • Get a single message across that is understood by everyone by creating impactful interactive videos. Add chapters, subtitles and keywords to your videos to make it easier to understand your strategy and access the information at the right time.
  • Your employees will no longer be mere spectators but actors of your videos. Increase their commitment, thanks to quizzes and additional documents.
  • Adopt an innovative broadcasting method to promote the transmission of information.

"In a changing environment,
there is no greater risk than to stand still"

Jacques Chirac

Accompany your employees to change!

  • Create interviews! In large groups, it is sometimes difficult to feel connected and to be aware of everything that is going on. Rise to this challenge by broadcasting interviews and creating a more human and personified communication. This will help your employees to take on board changes in the company more easily.
  • Share short videos with the whole team to inform them of the latest developments in the company. Centralize your contents on a Web TV integrated in your intranet/internet site. Increase the visibility of your site and offer your teams quick access to information.
  • Improve the referencing of your videos so that your employees are no longer overwhelmed by the amount of information they receive every day. Thanks to the powerful search engine on your WebTV,your listeners save time in the workplace. They can go directly to the specific passages that interest them.

Important information can no longer be overlooked!


"Choose a job you love and you won't have to work a day in your life"

Motivate your employees like no other!

Add value to your content and increase your ROI.

  • Record attractive videos to launch competitions or contests between teams. Motivate your employees and make working more fun.
  • Use video format to thank your employees who deserve it! It is important to show that the company takes an interest in its teams and recognizes work well done.
  • Are you interested in your employees' opinions? Finally give them the opportunity to voice their opinions! Thanks to MyCorpTV, each employee can record and publish his own videos in a few clicks.

Analyze your communication!

  • Analyze which parts of your videos were the most viewed thanks to the audience data and the number of views per chapter.
  • Measure the relevance of your videos in order to enhance the important subjects with extra videos.
  • Thanks to these statistics, you will know which content interests which collaborator and you will be able to create ultra-targeted communication campaigns.

Our solution: the answer to the challenges you face!

A tailor-made package designed to meet your needs and challenges, with personalized support to ensure a 100% successful internal communication strategy!