Invigorate your training 

Put an expert behind every employee. 

Ensure all employees receive the required level of training by facilitating comprehension with video, slides, and documents. Employees quickly refresh their knowledge of company policies and practices any time, any place, increasing worker confidence. 

Reinforce concepts with blended learning.

Employees enter live training sessions with background knowledge, letting instructors delve deeper into concepts and have more time to answer questions. After the session, 24/7 universal access prevents misinterpretation and omission of training materials.  

Use trusted content. 

Easily insert material already in use, such as manuals, brochures, and training videos, into your presentation.

Engage your talent. 

Video humanizes the training procedure and captures employee interest. Make training more interactive by letting employees post comments and questions. Confirm who viewed each presentation.

Save money.

Publish a presentation once to train employees for years to come. No more need to hire training personnel or devote company time to teaching routine procedures. 

Generali trains with Momindum video presentations: 

"The video presentations enabled us to improve our courses by preserving and disseminating the voices of our experts."

Pascale Boucart, New Technology Director, Generali