Share your enterprise videos where your collaborators work

In order to increase the visibility of your videos and improve your collaborators’ user experience, share them directly where they are used to working. Get the share link back from your videos and broadcast them on the platform of your choice:

  • Web link to share by email, text message or a company social network.
  • “Share It” button specific to your company social network (Yammer, Jive), to share your videos directly into your work groups.
  • Embed code or lightbox code to integrate the video on a webpage or intranet.
  • SCORM / AICC package to your training platform (LMS)

Public / private? Manage your videos confidentiality easily

Some videos are intended to your collaborators or partners only and must be secured. Some other are for your clients and must be public then (secured or not with a password). Define the security rules to establish with Momindum (SSO, Referrer, IP filtering). Then, simply indicate for each video if it must be private, public, secured with a simple password, etc.

API: integrate your videos into your work platform

Integrate all or some of our solution directly into your collaborators’ workspace. Thanks to our API, create connectors to display the videos onto the platform(s) of your choice. Thus, make it an easy experience for your collaborators.
Know more about API's

WebTV portal or internal “YouTube”

You wish to benefit from a WebTV ready for use? Or even a real corporate “YouTube”? You have several targets (clients, partners, collaborators…) and you wish to have several WebTVs? It’s as easy as pie; connect one or more WebTV with your Momindum Cloud account. Then display the videos onto the WebTV(s) of your choice.


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