Communicate in live streaming
with all your teams!

Crisis communication?
New products launching?
Important conferences?
President wishes?

Momindum offers a unique solution to live broadcast your events to all your teams!

How does it work?

Capture your event

Capture your event from a visioconference solution, a specific software such as Adobe Live Media Encoder, a specific captation box or thanks to a specialised video agency.

Communicate the link of your event

Retrieve the Momindum weblink and communicate it to all your teams. Share it by email, on your company social network, on your website or intranet.

Benefit from a unique user experience

Have complete peace of mind: everyone will watch your event! Benefit from a high-class streaming infrastructure to offer a unique user experience to your teams. They will watch the event from all browsers and devices.
Broadcast the event to an infinite number of audiences without impacting your company network thanks to a Peer to Peer system offered by Momindum.

Analyze the impact of the event

View, in real time, how many people are connected with your event to measure its impact.

Know more about analyze

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