Record your professional videos

Maker integrates a Microsoft PowerPoint plug-in
to record automatically your company video presentations.

screen maker menu
rec-video button rec-audio button

Audio and/or video recording

Record your video presentations with one click from your PowerPoint, your computer and a basic webcam.
Maker launches your PowerPoint slideshow, your webcam, your mic and records your speech while automatically synchronizing it with your slides, weblinks, subtitles, chapters and keywords.


Integrated teleprompter

Benefit from an integrated teleprompter to make your recording flow better. During the capture, all you need to do is read your text. You will spare so much time when realising your video. The teleprompter will automatically be synchronized to your video and will then be used as subtitles for your audience.

menu pause

Automatic video editing

You made a mistake during the recording? You have no skills in video editing? No worries, with Maker, all you have to do is take a break and start over from the slide of your choice. Maker does the video editing automatically.

Automatic enrichment from an existing video

If you already have your video file as well as your corresponding PowerPoint presentation, synchronize all the elements automatically.

screen : synchronize button with existing media screen : automatic synchronisation window

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