Enrich your company videos

Maker integrates an authoring software to enrich all your professional videos easily.

With Maker, strengthen the impact of your videos and increase your audience commitment.

Synchronize your videos with a multitude of contents:

screen maker documents


Manually synchronize your videos with all kinds of documents: PowerPoint, webpages, PDF, videos, flash animations… Thus, your audience work their auditory and visual memory and gather the information better.

screen maker chapters

Chapters, keywords

Increase the impact of your videos and improve your audience commitment by incorporating chapters and keywords. Thus, you audience browse immediately the video presentation thanks to all the indexed elements. Therefore, they find the right information at the right time, they spare time in work situations and are more efficient.

screen maker subtitles


Synchronize a transcription with your video. Thus, your audience browse the video thanks to the subtitles system. The subtitle is also particularly efficient for a deaf or partially deaf person, people who do not have sound on their computer or even for internationalization.

screen maker quiz


Synchronize quizzes with your video to strengthen its impact and promote interactivity.
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