Streaming broadcasting: your company videos everywhere, always, without loading! 

Momindum manages all your webhosting and video broadcasting issues. Thanks to a strategic partnership with Akamai, Momindum offers you the best cloud video hosting solution on the market.

Compatibility guaranteed: automatic re-encoding of your videos

Do not worry about the format of your video file anymore, Momindum takes care of everything. Using powerful encoders from Akamai, Momindum turns all video and sound files into mp4 format to make sure they are visible on all devices (smartphones, tablets, computers…).

Access to company videos everywhere, always

Have access to information everywhere, always, on any device. Today your collaborators are regularly on a professional trip or teleworking. It is essential they can always access information everywhere.
Momindum offers a solution totally Responsive Design and a universal video player that adjusts itself depending on your browser or support (Flash or HTML 5). Therefore, your videos are readable on your smartphones, tablets, computers and all your browsers (Internet Explorer 11+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari…).

Flow: stop to endless loading times

Momindum encodes your video in 5 different qualities so that your audience benefit from adaptive technology streaming. Thanks to this technique, Momindum analyzes, in real time, your audience bandwidth to adjust the quality of the video cleverly. If your audience have a good internet connection, they can watch the video in HD. Otherwise, they will watch it in an inferior quality to avoid a too long loading or to prevent the video from trembling. Thus, the audience benefit from a unique user experience. No matter the quality of their internet connection, they watch the video without untimely loading times.

QOS: 100% of availability within your videos

Momindum offers an exceptional Quality Of Service. The rate of availability of your video is 100%. Keep calm, you will always be able to watch your videos!

Performance: broadcasting optimized on a global level

You have teams all over the world and some countries have a limited internet connection? We use CDN (Content Delivery Network) and Akamai’s infrastructure which is perfectly optimized so that your collaborators benefit from an excellent user experience, regardless of the country.

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