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your company videos are secured!

Some of your videos are meant to your collaborators only and must be secured then. Some other contents are meant to your clients and must be public (secured or not with a password). Therefore, you must define the level of security required for each video.

A high security video solution already audited

Momindum offers a highly secured solution that adjusts to your needs. Already used by many large groups in the bank, aeronautics or telecommunication fields, Momindum has already been audited with success.

Security rules interfaced with your systems already in place

Secure your video with your SSO. Your identified collaborators only will have access to your videos. Secure your video with a Referrer system and/or IP filtering as well.

Redundancy of servers and remote backup for videos and data

All your company videos are saved several times on different servers. In case of breakdown, fire or other disasters, your videos will always be available and saved.

Webhosting in Continental Europe for a worldwide broadcasting

Momindum videos are webhosted in France and Germany only. However, thanks to Akamai CDN, the broadcasting is optimised all over the world.

Secured video flows

In order to have even more secured contents, videos are trimmed into several files in a few seconds only and secured by a security token valid for a short period of time. You can choose to broadcast your videos in HTTPS as well. Thus, the video files are crypted.

Akamai security

Our clients benefit from the Akamai secured platform ESSL. It is certified PCI Compliant, allowing to transit bank data as well as HIPAA which is the data broadcast norm in the medical field.

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