Integrate a powerful video Content Management into your company platforms

Easily embed powerful and secure video technology into your SAAS application platforms.

Developers and integrators,
thanks to our API, use connectors to display your professional videos into the platform(s) of your choice. Thus, improve your colleagues’ user experience who retrieve their videos where they are used to working. Thus, increase visibility and impact of your company videos.

All our online app functionalities are developed above our APIs, you can therefore develop them as you like wish to integrate them into your own environments.

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Benefit from simple APIs and Premium support for your developments

Discover our complete API library now and get premium support to quickly integrate our secure video solution into your different platforms. 
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What can you integrate or redevelop thanks to our API?


Momindum offers many micro services to allow you to develop and integrate video efficiently in your different platforms.

  • A Search engine
  • Video management
  • Video uploads
  • Statistics
  • All the functionalities of our "Youtube" like Webtv 
schema des produits momindum

Into what platforms can Momindum integrate?


Everything is possible !

You can develop your own connectors to integrate our video solution in your corporate social network, Content Management System, intranet site, website and more.




  • logo jive
  • logo yammer
  • logo Workplace

Improve communication and expertise sharing in your corporate social network: Jive, Yammer, Workplace...


  • logo sap
  • logo cornerstone
  • logo xperteam
  • logo Syfadis

Reinforce the impact of your trainings by integrating video in your LMS platform: Cornerstone, Syfadis, SAP, Xperteam...


  • logo WordPress
  • logo joomla
  • logo sharepoint

Facilitate video sharing in your CMS: Sharepoint, Wordpress, Joomla...

Marketing Automation

  • logo Marketo
  • logo plezi
  • logo pardot
  • logo HubSpot

Create ever more effective marketing campaigns. Leverage the power of video in your marketing strategy by integrating it into your Marketing Automation platform: Hubspot, Plezi, Marketo, Pardot...

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