Edit and publish with Momindum editing solution

Enrich and share video presentations. 

Momindum provides a simple and intuitive authoring software for producing and editing high-quality video presentations. No specific skill sets are necessary. 

Strengthen content impact. 

Sync your audio or video files with any type of document: PowerPoint, web pages, PDF, flash animations, etc. Activate viewers' auditory and visual memories to ensure that they absorb the information. Save time and automate this synchronization with our PowerPoint plug-in

Provide direct access to relevant information. 

Synchronize your audio or video file with an outline and keywords. With keywords and an interactive table of contents, your audience can swiftly advance through the presentation. Automatically synchronize these elements with our PowerPoint plug-in.

Do it yourself. 

Use your own content (videos, PowerPoint, PDF, etc.) and reinforce its impact with Momindum solution.

Personalize your content.

Change the layout, theme, and colors of your presentation, and add your logo.