Instantly capture your video presentations

Click and Record. 

Momindum provides a powerful PowerPoint plug-in. It automatically integrates with Microsoft PowerPoint after download. With a single click, capture videos through your computer webcam. Open your PowerPoint and start recording via the Momindum button.  


Sync content. 

Our plug-in records your voice and image and syncs them with your slides, documents, outline, transcript, and keywords. 

Edit with ease. 

Rerecord slides without having to redo your entire presentation, and edit your video in real time. 

Include a transcript of your video presentation.

Determine the pace of the teleprompter display with keyboard arrows while creating the presentation. The teleprompter synchronizes a transcript  of your speech with the video. Listeners then navigate the presentation with ease. Your content is now accessible as well to viewers without sound on their computers, to the deaf, and to the hard of hearing. Reach a global audience by publishing your transcript in a foreign language.