Publish your presentations on Salesforce Chatter

Use MyCorpTV to create video presentations and share them on the Salesforce social network Chatter.

This offer includes:

  • Membership to the enterprise social network Chatter 
  • Video presentation software MyCorpTV Maker 
  • MyCorpTV Maker Lite to create video presentations online
  • Content compatibility with all devices (PC, tablets, Mac, etc.). MyCorpTV is integrated in Salesforce 1 Mobile application.
  • Secure content hosting on Salesforce
  • Secure streaming video hosting


Rapid information sharing

Create video presentations with MyCorpTV, then share them immediately on Chatter to keep your team up-to-date. Inform collaborators in the time it takes to download and click record. 

Unlimited access to vital information

Publish a polished presentation whenever and wherever you are, to be viewed by collaborators on their computers, smartphones, or tablets. MyCorpTV is integrated in the Salesforce 1 mobile application. Teams learn and refresh their memories on the go, so preparation for proposals and client meetings has never been easier. 

Low-cost presentations

Record video presentations without hiring a third party. Publish them once, and your teams will have unlimited access to knowledge directly in their Salesforce Chatter account.