Publish presentations on your enterprise social network or CMS

Create video presentations and share them directly with your team on your own CMS or ESN: Jive, Yammer, SharePoint, Joomla, Wordpress....

This offer includes: 

  • Installation of our video creation software Momindum Maker (PowerPoint Plug-in and editing solution)
  • Momindum Maker Lite to record and create presentations online
  • Content compatibility with all social networks and CMSs
  • Content compatibility with all devices (PC, tablets, Mac, etc.) 
  • Reports indicating the number of consultations for each presentation and segment, by viewer
  • Secure streaming video hosting



Compatibility across all CMSs and social networks

API technology guarantees that presentations created with Maker and Maker Lite are readable on every platform: Jive, Yammer, SharePoint, Joomla, Wordpress...

Online recording and editing

If your computer does not have administrator rights to download software, make a great presentation right in your browser with our SaaS solution Momindum Maker Lite. 



Low-cost presentations

Record video presentations without hiring a third party. Publish them once, and employees and students have unlimited access to knowledge directly in their own CMS or ESN (Jive, Yammer, SharePoint, Joomla, Wordpress...). 

Reports on viewer behavior

See statistics for each presentation, including number of views per segment, number of views over time, presentations viewed by each user, and more. Compare the data with employee or student performance to achieve company and classroom objectives. 


Secure streaming video hosting

Secure video hosting is guaranteed for all platforms. Your content will always be protected. And no matter which form of media you use in your presentation,  it will be encoded for readability on all devices--PCs, Macs, tablets, and more.