Reduce expenditures

Lower logistical costs.

Record your presentations with our software and share them online to limit expenses on travel, accommodation, catering, conference room rental...

Minimize content creation costs. 

Your video, your documents, your slides—your content. Take advantage of material your organization already has, and make a great presentation without hiring an outside party.

Eliminate teleconferencing and web conferencing costs. 

Teleconferences and webinars force employees and clients to reorganize their schedules, postponing vital company tasks. And when schedules don't match up, holding multiple events gets costly. With Momindum, publish a presentation once, and let viewers watch it at their convenience. 

Increase ROI.   

Manage financial resources more efficiently by seeing what your audience already knows. Detailed statistical reports show which videos and video segments were consulted the most, and verify which users watched the presentations. You can also respond to viewer comments and questions.