Why Momindum?

Harness the power of video.

Face-to-face communication:

  • is the most captivating way to share information
  • increases trust between parties
  • generates a feeling of shared identity

Online video presentations maintain worker autonomy while allowing for effective communication. 

Reach out to all learning styles.

Sync your video with a transcript, a clickable outline, searchable keywords, slides, and documents so everyone absorbs and remembers your content. Quick comprehension saves time and improves worker performance.

Add value to company content. 

Upload material that your organization already uses (PowerPoint slides, PDF files, training manuals, web pages, etc.). and sync it with a video. Share it on an interactive platform, and content becomes more impactful than ever before. Plus, employees access company material at a moment's notice, whenever they are, so it is more likely to be used. 

Maintain control of your message.

There's no need to involve an outside party. Record a professional presentation wherever you are, on or offline. Choose a layout and colors, then publish on any platform.

Secure your ideas. 

We protect your videos, so content only reaches your intended audience.