Train and communicate
with video-augmented presentations

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Give your teams
unlimited, direct access
to vital information

Unique video features and turnkey SaaS solutions

Capture – Enrich – Collaborate
Momindum provides video-augmented presentation solutions addressing the needs of knowledge workers for internal communication & collaboration while leveraging existing Enterprise Social Networking investments.

Video presentations for all your needs


Reduce expenses, and deepen employee knowledge and engagement to foster growth.

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Broadcast your events online. Expand your audience and collaborate with our interactive features.

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Marketing & sales

Share new products and sales techniques with your teams and outside parties.

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A variety of benefits

Reduce costs

Cut back on time and money spent organizing live events by capturing and sharing your presentations online.

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Capitalize on expertise

Record presentations, and sync the video content with a clickable outline, searchable keywords, documents, and a transcript to ensure audience comprehension.

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Boost productivity

Let your content make an impact. Our multimedia approach improves information retention, and lets viewers advance through the presentation to quickly access the content they need most.

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Satisfied clients

"As simple as powerful, MyCorpTV functions as a hub for change management and Salesforce readiness as well as a virtual place to retrieve product presentations and managers strategic directives. In its first 2 weeks of using MyCorpTV, UFF published more than 20 Salesforce training videos. The videos are already a huge success with over 4,000 views … and some have been viewed more than 500 times!"

Sylvain Daumer,
Business Process Mgr, IT Operations,

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