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Interactive video-based presentations

Capture video-based presentations.

Create high impact rich media content.

Broadcast anywhere live or on demand.

Collaborate through Web 2.0 Platform.

Recipe for Innovation – blending creativity, strategy and technology.

Video: the new generation media of choice carries the speech that turns static knowledge into valuable assets and skills.

Indexation: Patent pending technology to provide direct access to relevant information within and throughout hours of video.

Interactivity: with the content, its author and with the user community.

Communication with people
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Communicate, Educate and Innovate

Energize marketing to speed up time to market and business impact.

Boost communication to capture and entertain a wider audience.

Reinvent E-learning to further cut education costs and improve skills and performance.

Encourage collaboration to maximize resources, innovative solutions and results.

Hassle-free solution for immediate results

User-generated content – no specific team or skill needed.

Automated capturing and authoring process.

Flexible hosted or SAAS solution.

Turnkey solutions available.

Affordable pay-per-use business model.

Communicate, Educate and Innovate... today!

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Video-based presentations

Video-based Presentations


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